Discover Cergy-Pontoise: A tapestry of Art Culture and Festivals 

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Paris, is not just a heaven for lovers or a feast for history buffs; it’s also a sprawling metropolis that demands to be viewed. Whether you’re dashing for a meeting or walking through the streets, the question remains: How do you get around?

Discover Cergy-Pontoise

Cergy-Pontoise is full of cool spots. Want to see them? Our taxi service in paris can take you. We know the best places. Parks, shops, restaurants – you name it, we’ll get you there.

Best places in Cergy pontoise

Cergy-Pontoise, a charming town near Paris, offers a variety of attractions. Here are some highlights:

Axe Majeur is a grand urban sculpture. It stretches over 3 kilometers and offers stunning views of Paris.

Villa Savoye, designed by Le Corbusier, is a modernist villa. It’s a UNESCO World Heritage site and a must-see for architecture enthusiasts.

Musée de L’Absinthe is unique. It’s dedicated to the history of absinthe, a famous drink with a storied past.

Ile de Loisirs de Cergy-Pontoise is perfect for outdoor activities. It has a water park, beaches, and hiking trails.

Cathédrale Saint Maclou stands out with its Gothic architecture. It’s a peaceful place with beautiful stained glass windows.

Musée Camille Pissarro celebrates the Impressionist painter. It’s in his former home and displays his works.

These spots offer a mix of art, history, and nature. They make Cergy-Pontoise a diverse and interesting place to visit

Local Festivals in Cergy-Pontoise

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Cergy-Pontoise is a place that loves to celebrate! Here’s a scoop on some local festivals:

  • Festival du Regard: This is a photography festival where you can see amazing pictures. It’s a feast for your eyes.
  • Festival “Image par Image” – Ecrans Vo: A film festival that shows cool movies. It’s a treat for movie buffs.
  • Furia Sound Festival: Love music? This festival has lots of it. Bands play, and people have fun.
  • Cergy, Soit!: Every year, this festival brings art to the streets. Theater, dance, music – it’s all there. Over 40,000 people come to see it.
  • Festival Baroque de Pontoise: If you like old music and dance, this is for you. It takes you back in time with baroque style.
  • Jazz au fil de l’Oise: Jazz lovers, listen up! This festival is all about jazz. New talents, famous artists – they all come here.
  • Piano Campus: This is a big piano party. Concerts, classes, and a contest for young pianists. It’s music to your ears4.
  • Festival des Arts de la Rue: Visit in summer, and you’ll see the streets come alive. Theater, music, dance, and more. It’s super lively.

These festivals make Cergy-Pontoise special. They show off the city’s fun side. Want to join in? Our taxis in cerge pontoise can take you there. Just give us a call, and we’ll handle the rest. Enjoy the festivals!

TaxiToparis in Cergy-Pontoise

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